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Posted by Expatriate on December 25, 2009 in Main with No Comments

Teamspeak 3
I use a cell-phone style one-ear headset with small boom mic plugged into a USB sound adapter for voice com in all my gaming, this way I have clear voice com in my ear and my game sounds, music and other sounds come out over the speakers.

If you use Voice in There, you have all sounds mixed together, but using Teamspeak 3 and a headset setup like mine, you don’t have to run around muting jukeboxes or miss hearing what someone says when a buggy drives by.

Teamspeak allows you to choose the sound device for it–in my case the USB sound adapter is identified as C-Media USB Headphone Set. All other sound still goes to my sound card and speakers.

Another advantage is that you can go anywhere in world and still be in voice contact with everyone in the Teamspeak 3 channel, and you don’t even have to be in game to keep up with the conversation.

We have a free Teamspeak 3 server you can use. When you install Teamspeak 3 (download from Teamspeak.com) just write in PwnerTV.com as the server name and nightshift as the password.

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